Order Management

TechERP connects all your sales channels together giving you a single view into every order. Having all of this in one place gives you the ability to support workflows that span across channels, manage inventory more effectively, and add on any sales channel with ease.

A single view into all of your channels

Working out of different channels to process inventory and orders can create an inaccurate view of your business. TechERP puts all of your order and inventory data into one place so you can easily access information across any sales channel, marketplace, warehouse, and fulfilment center.

Add on any sales channel

Adding a new sales channel can cause issues like inventory syncing and overselling. With TechERP, you can provide accurate inventory availability per channel, reserve stock to prevent overselling, and create rules to tailor product listings for each channel in order to provide a seamless customer experience.

Customize the way you do business

Every channel adds complexity around the way you do business. TechERP allows you to create automated rules like channel order routing and optimized shipping costs to make sure you can operate your business around the needs of each channel.

Support omnichannel retail workflows

TechERP unlocks the ability to provide customer experiences like: buy in-store ship to home, buy online pick up in-store, and buy online return in-store. Give your customers the experience they expect with a true omnichannel experience.

Automatically process returns

A poor returns process can lead to loss in brand loyalty and sales. TechERP processes returns across all sales channels allowing you to automatically refund the customer and restock the item so that you can keep customers satisfied while getting the product back on sale.


Everything you need to scale your business, in one place

Manual Order Entry

  • Price Lists
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Automated Discounts And Rounding
  • Promotions Management
  • Back Orders
  • Import From CSV Files
  • View Real-Time Inventory
  • Payment Capture From Credit Cards
  • Pre-Order Management
  • Manage Credit Limits
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Payment Terms

Channel Integrations

  • Exception Management
  • Subscription Order Support
  • EDI (Via SPS)
  • EDI For Dropships (DSCO)


  • Channel Integration API
  • Metadata

Customer Service Actions

  • Cancel Order, Line Item Or All Unshipped Items
  • Reduce Quantity Or Replace Line Item
  • Expedite Shipping And Charge For Shipping
  • Update Gift Message
  • Change Order Address
  • Change Fulfillment Strategy
  • Change Shipping Date


  • Flash Sales And Drops
  • Subscription Commerce

Layout And Structure

  • Use Barcodes And QR Codes

Lot/Batch Management

  • Item Lot Tracking
  • Expiry Date Tracking
  • Serialized Inventory

Cost Tracking

  • Track Product Costs
  • Track Landed Costs
  • Real-Time COGS
  • Inventory Valuation Reports
  • Cost History

Units Of Measure

  • Multiple Units Of Measure
  • Customize Precision
  • Default Units Of Measure


  • Product Options
  • Attribute Sets

Cycle Counts

  • Manual Counts
  • Scheduled Counts


  • Default Strategy
  • Fallback Inventory
  • Label Items
  • Drop Shipping
  • Hold Shipments
  • Track Consumables

Bundles And Kits

  • Buildable Quantity
  • Substitutions
  • Subscription Boxes

Moving Inventory

  • Receiving
  • Bin Transfers
  • Inter-Warehouse Transfers


  • Sales Orders
  • Forecasted Inventory
  • Buildable Quantity
  • Manufacturing
  • Picking
  • Replenishment
  • Adjust Inventory
  • Reservations
  • Reserve Inventory For Prime Orders

3PL Integrations

  • FBA Inventory
  • FBA Inventory
  • Reconciliation Counts

Channel Sync

  • Sync Inventory
  • Cutback
  • Webhooks

Inventory Reports

  • Inventory At Warehouse Level
  • Inventory At Bin Level
  • Inventory Ageing
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Next Available Date (Detailed)
  • Valuation
  • Cost History


  • Previous Period
  • Previous Year
  • API/Uploads


  • Inventory Planner
  • Re-Order Points
  • Backorder Based Requisition

Order Capturing

TechERP centralizes all your orders in one place allowing you to capture and manage any type of order.

Manual Order Entry

TechERP gives you the ability to accept orders manually. Manage all order details including price lists, promotions, pre-orders, exceptions, inventory and more.
Price Lists

Apply price lists automatically (or manually at order level) to provide customer or channel specifc prices

Multiple Price Levels

Apply prices based on quantity tiers

Multiple Currencies

Accept and process orders in over 180 currencies and reconcile to company currency on transaction dates

Automated Discounts And Rounding

Automate quantity based discounts and automate round offs

Promotions Management

Manage promotions and apply them automatically at the order level

Back Orders

Accept back orders to be fulilled on later dates or when inventory becomes available. The allocation methods can either be based on order date, the planned ship date or completely manual.

Import From CSV Files

Import orders from CSV files. Allow customers to directly upload orders through a portal.

View Real-Time Inventory

Allow sales reps and wholesale customers to view real time availability numbers

Payment Capture From Credit Cards

Capture payments from credit cards through Stripe, Braintree or Authorize.net

Pre-Order Management

Manage pre-orders without having to manually sort orders with pre-ordered items. Automatically allocate inventory to shipments when pre-ordered inventory is received.

Manage Credit Limits

Set credit limits and prevent orders from going through when credit limits will be exceeded

Inventory Visibility

Inventory visibility across warehouses when placing orders

Payment Terms

Apply payment terms to orders automatically or manually override for specific orders.


TechERP gives you the ability to support flash sales, drops, and subscriptions giving you the flexibility to sell your products the way you want to.
Flash Sales And Drops

Support for flash sales (5K+ orders/min)

Subscription Commerce

Support to handle 100k+ order drops for subscription recurrence

Channel Integrations

Automatically capture your channel orders in TechERP via EDI.
Exception Management

Manage order exceptions from fraud alerts, product mismatches

Subscription Order Support

Support to identify products from subscription orders where a template SKU is ordered


Connect with trading partners to import orders (850), send acknowledgements (855), send ASNs (846) and INvoices (810) when items are shipped. Also send inventory levels to trading partners with an 846.

EDI For Dropships (DSCO)

Connect with drop ship trading partners like Nordstrom to accept drop ship POs, send tracking numbers and raise invoices automatically


TechERP's API gives you the ability to capture any information into TechERP that is needed for you to process your customer orders.
Channel Integration API

An API specifically for developers to integrate sales channels with TechERP without having to implement the Full REST API


Capture personalization and customization information or use it to store additional metadata at the order and line levels

Customer Service Actions

TechERP's API gives you the ability to capture any information into TechERP that is needed for you to process your customer orders.
Cancel Order, Line Item Or All Unshipped Items
Reduce Quantity Or Replace Line Item
Expedite Shipping And Charge For Shipping
Update Gift Message
Change Order Address

Update orders address before shipping

Change Shipping Date

Change the date when items should be shipped

Change Fulfillment Strategy

Change from ship from stock to drop shipment when you are out of inventory

Native E-com Integrations

TechERP has native integrations with the most popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.


With TechERP's native Shopify integration you have the ability to manage orders, payments, gift cards, and fulfilment options all within TechERP.
Order Management

Import orders, send order updates, refund and modify orders directly in TechERP

Order Editing

Replace line items and make edits to orders in TechERP and the integration will issue refunds on Shopify

Cancel And Refund Orders

Orders that are not fulfilled can be cancelled and a refund issued through Shopify

Payment Management

Account for multi-payments including gift cards

Order Routing

Fulfil line items from one or more warehouses or through drop shipments and send them as fulfillments to Shopify

Gift Card Accounting

When gift cards are sold, account for them as deferred revenue automatically

POS Orders

Automatically record POS orders and reduce inventory

In-Store/Curbside Pickup

Native support for in-store and curbside pickup

Multiple Fulfillments

Support for partial shipments and fulfillments


With TechERP's native BigCommerce integration you have the ability to manage your BigCommerce orders directly from TechERP.
Order Management

Import orders and export order status to BigCommerce


With TechERP's native BigCommerce integration you have the ability to manage your WooCommerce orders directly from TechERP.
Product Options

Import orders and export order status to WooCommerce

Native Marketplace Integrations

TechERP has native integrations with the most common marketplaces allowing you to connect directly into Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Wayfair.


With TechERP's native Amazon integration you have the ability to manage your Amazon orders directly from TechERP.
Order Management

Import orders, acknowledge and send status to Amazon

FBA Order Management

Automatically imports FBA orders and manages inventory

FBM And Seller Fulfilled Prime Support

Imports seller fulfilled orders and returns. Generate labels from Amazon for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Fulfill non-Amazon orders from FBA by routing shipments to FBA


Fulfi’s Walmart integration allows you to manage your eBay orders from TechERP.
Order Management

Import orders, acknowledge and send status to Walmart


Fulfi’s eBay integration allows you to manage your eBay orders from TechERP.
Order Management

Import orders, acknowledge and send status to eBay


Fulfi’s Wayfair integration allows you to manage your eBay orders from TechERP.
Order Management

Import orders, acknowledge and send status to Wayfair


TechERP gives you full control over your fulfilment processes allowing you to customize and automate the way you need to fulfill your orders.

3PL Integrations

Natively connect TechERP to popular 3PLs or leverage TechERP's API to connect with other 3PLs and warehouses to streamline your order to fulfilment process.
Native Integrations And API

Natively connects with popular 3PLs and easy API for 3PLs to integrate with a specific Warehouse in TechERP

Fulfillment Strategies

TechERP gives you the ability to automate and build processes around the ways you need to fulfill your orders. TechERP supports workflows for dropshipping, in-store pickup, and made-to-order products.
Ship From Stock

Ship items from inventory at a DC

Make On Order

Make personalized items (engraved/custom options) after an order is placed

Drop Shipments

Place purchase orders automatically with suppliers when drop ship items are ordered by customers

Store Pickup

Allow in-store pickups

Ship From Store

Ship items from stores to customers and turn each store into a DC

Drop Shipment

When drop line line items are on an order, automatically create purchase order and send to a supplier.

Shipping Costs

You can manage and optimize your order shipping costs directly in TechERP.
Estimate Shipping

Estimate shipping costs during order entry

Rate Shopping

Automatically select cheapest shipping option for free shipments

Shipping Markup

Markup shipping costs when estimating shipping on sales orders

Native Address Verification

Validate addresses to identify address type and classify them

Customer Shipping Accounts

Ship using customer’s shipping accounts

Shipping Costs

You can manage and optimize your order shipping costs directly in TechERP.
Split Shipments

Split orders into one or more shipments based on warehouse, planned shipping dates


TechERP gives the ability to manage your return process from end to end ensuring you are able to provide a great post-sales experience for your customer.


Manage your repairs process post-sale directly in TechERP.
Repair Management

Manage repairs, add or remove components from repairs and issue service invoices.

RMA Management

Create return authorizations from existing orders or order history of the customer

Return Labels

Generate and send shipping labels to customers to return items

Process Returns

Receive and restock returns or flag them as damaged

Analyze Return Reasons

Manage custom return reason codes and analyze them

Integrated Accounting

TechERP records all accounting transactions related to your orders ensuring that you are fully GAAP compliant and have a clear view into your business performance. TechERP enables you to also capture payments in any currency from your customers automatically, manually, and by payment terms.


TechERP recognizes revenue according to GAAP standards ensuring you understand your revenue performance at any time.
GAAP Revenue Recognition

Only recognize revenue when items are shipped

Deferred Revenue

Easily track deferred revenue


Reverse revenue when items are received from customers


Manage orders in over 180+ currencies

Payment Gateways

TechERP automatically reconciles orders against your payment gateways.

Automatically reconcile multiple payments on the same order


Reconcile settlement reports from gateways with transactions in TechERP


TechERP allows you to manage, collect, and automatically authorize customer payments.

Manage payment terms for wholesale – NET X days, NET X EOM or more complex payment terms

Auto Charge

Auto charge credit cards when payments are due

Charge On Shipping

Authorize card when allocating inventory and charge customers at the time of shipping


TechERP comes with sales and revenue reports out of the box allowing you to understand your business performance. TechERP also gives you access to all the raw data so you can import it into your reporting tool of choice.

Native Reports

Out of the box, TechERP provides you with reports to help you understand your sales and revenue performance.
Sales Over Time
Sales By Channel
Sales By Sales Person
Sales By Product/SKU/Category
Sales By Region
Revenue Over Time
Revenue By Channel
Revenue By Sales Person
Revenue By Product/SKU/Category
Revenue By Region

Data Warehouse

For more complex reporting, you can access your raw sales data via TechERP's data warehouse.

Raw sales data with line item, costs, gross margins, product information


Raw shipping information with item, costs, timestamps of events (picked at, shipped at)




Team Members


Years Of Experience


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